I believe that everyone and everything has a story. I try to tell those stories through my photography. The magical look on a groom's face the first time he sees his bride-to-be, the laughter of a child playing on the beach, the gleam in a dog's eye as he catches a ball. These are part of the stories that make every living creature who they are.  As a photographer, I enjoy documenting those stories so people now, and in future generations, can see who we were.


My art is detailed and sometimes a bit off the wall. My photographs reflect a-lot of texture because I like to be able to feel a photo, the smoothness of skin, the softness of a kiss or the fluffy fur of a puppy. I take time in post production to make sure every high-light and shadow is captured.  I love to get candid and "real moment" shots too so, you will often  find me shooting when you are not expecting it.


I was born and raised in New England and graduated from Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts. I'm outgoing, energetic and a bit silly at times. I have a passion for animals and their zest for life. I think the most perfect thing in the world is a puppy. I'm pretty sure I can't live with out chocolate. I love monster trucks, dancing and 80's music. I welcome a challenge and I'm not afraid to get dirty to get the shot.